Announcing Advisor role tweets:

Enough w/ OPTICS, it’s time for OUTCOMES! Glad to put more $$ in women’s wallets as an advisor w/ @BRAVAInvests

Thrilled to turn gender-lens investment on its head w/@NathalieMolina as an advisor @BRAVAInvests #outcomes

General tweets about BRAVA:

A new take on gender lens investing: (above) market return for investors; economic benefit for women @BRAVAinvests

The Berkshire Hathaway for women, achieving meaningful outcomes for women’s economic advancement. Say hi @BRAVAInvests #outcomesoveroptics




Sample post:

Honored to join the team as an advisor at BRAVA Investments and meaningfully address gender parity by investing in companies that economically benefit women at SCALE. Listen to @NathalieMolinaNino, BRAVA’s CEO, explain why she founded BRAVA in her own words. #outcomesoveroptics

Sample post:

At BRAVA, we are less concerned with producing the next woman billionaire than we are about producing economic independence for a billion women. Glad to join the team as an advisor and put more money in women’s wallets! #Outcomesoveroptics




Add BRAVA Advisor role to your LinkedIn profile
  • Tag BRAVA’s LinkedIn page as the company.
  • Use the copy below for the description section.BRAVA invests in great companies that deliver compelling investment returns, while improving the economic lives of women, at scale. More than an investment platform, BRAVA Investments is a holding company, inspired by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, serving investors that want to see economic returns while meaningfully addressing gender parity.
Sample post:

Excited to announce my new role as Advisor with BRAVA Investments (tag BRAVA’s LinkedIn page). I’m honored to join a team of committed individuals (tag other advisors) dedicated to women’s economic advancement. #OutcomesOverOptics