• BRAVA is an investment platform structured to produce (above) market return results for investors and deliver measurable economic benefits for women, at scale.
  • BRAVA is “less concerned with producing the next woman billionaire (optics) than with producing economic independence for a billion women (outcomes).”
The issue and market opportunity:
  • In 2014, the typical woman working full-time all year in the U.S. earned 79 cents for every dollar her male colleague earned. The pay gap is even greater for multicultural women.
  • Women are an economic sleeping giant! Globally, women reinvest 90% of income into the health, nutrition and education of their families – 3x that of men.
  • In the US alone, tackling gender inequality can add between $2.1 and $4.3 trillion to GDP by 2025.
Investment Thesis and Strategy:
  • BRAVA’s gender lens extends beyond women-owned businesses, focusing on companies that produce large-scale, measurable economic results for women and strong returns for investors.
  • BRAVA’s investment strategy is stage agnostic but the majority of the portfolio will consist of companies that are already turning a profit but need a meaningful cash infusion to scale.
  • BRAVA will focus on high-growth sectors (Healthcare, Education, and Consumer Products) where women are overrepresented in the workforce or make the majority of the purchasing decisions.
Quantify Impact:
  • BRAVA is developing the Gender Equality Matrix Scorecard (GEM), a proprietary investment framework and industry benchmark, to determine the financial health and economic benefit for women of potential investment opportunities.
Holding Company Structure (The Berkshire Hathaway for women):
  • BRAVA is structured as a holding company because they are focused on long-term investments rather than short-term returns.
  • The holding company structure has many benefits including ongoing capital raises, flexibility with fees, investments and exits are not forced due to fixed-time horizons, and the ability to accommodate a range of investors.
Management team:
  • Nathalie Molina Nino (BRAVA’s CEO): Serial tech entrepreneur (20+ years of experience) and fierce women’s advocate.
  • Partnered with i(x) investments: a socially-conscious holding company with a focus on clean energy, water scarcity, and sustainable agriculture.
  • i(x) investment’s management team: Trevor Neilson (Global Philanthropy Group, formerly Gates Foundation), Todd J. Morley (G2 Investment Group, formerly Guggenheim), and Howard Buffett (Howard G. Buffett Foundation).
  • BRAVA’s cohort of Advisors were chosen for their domain expertise, commitment to advancing gender parity, and ability to grow the BRAVA platform.